“Without hesitation, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Adam J. Roa.  When my elderly parents made me “Power of Attorney” to handle their affairs, I did not realize how complicated everything could be related to Elderly Care and Medicaid. My mother’s care became extremely expensive and we did not have the financial means to keep up with the costs.  Fortunately, I was lucky to find Adam Roa and his team of experts in Elder Law. Adam and his team were able to assess and evaluate my mother’s situation immediately and worked diligently with the Nursing Home and Medicaid Services to receive approval for coverage for my mom’s care.  I am extremely thankful to Adam and Jan for supporting me through this difficult time and know that I can count on them  again in the future when needed.”  Panos Dimitriades

“Thank all of you for the way you handled our case. You guys are wonderful. Along with being very professional, you showed us such compassion. You guys went over and beyond to make sure the wrong to us was made right. We cannot thank you enough. We will highly recommend you. Thank God for all of you.” B.J.

“Attorney Roa helped us beyond our expectations.” A.H.

“After 35 years of marriage, suddenly my sister was faced with the daunting task of putting her husband in a nursing home.  Fearing the nursing home would deplete years of accumulated funds, I immediately turned to the elder care firm of Adam J. Roa to get my sister expert guidance and assistance.  Firm staff was both knowledgeable and compassionate in setting up a Guardianship.  Thank you for a great service.”  Joseph Smothers

“We retained Adam’s firm when Mom began to have health issues and were exceptionally pleased with the entire experience.  Adam helped us plan and manage Mom’s care in a way that ensured her personal and financial security.  His technical expertise and patience helped us deal effectively with the many complicated aspects of her situation.  We liked Adam’s straightforward manner and ability to explain technical issues in an understandable way.  He was also very good at explaining the reasoning behind his recommendations.  Most of all, we appreciated that he always made Mom the top priority.  We would recommend Adam to any family, friends or others needing help in the Elder Law area.”  Steve Albrecht

“I’ve known Adam Roa since 2004.  He handled the estate of my mother and father when they passed away that year.  Since then he has prepared wills, trusts, and other documents for my family members including one with special needs.  He always takes the time to listen to our needs and provides options that best suit our situation.  Every time, Adam has been patient, amiable, cordial, and responsive.  Thanks Adam!  I always know you have our best interest whenever we need your help!  Art Hughes

“Very candid. After hearing our concerns about our mother’s assets and nursing home expenses, they clearly explained what needed to be done. We would be happy to recommend your services. We could tell Mr. Roa’s law office was familiar with our concerns. We felt at ease with everyone we came in contact with at his office. Very professional.” D.C.

“My wife and I recently worked with this firm to create a living will, power of attorney, and advance directives.  They were professional, thorough, accommodating, and an absolute pleasure to work with.”  Lee Haselhuhn.

“I am proud to recommend Adam J. Roa, Esq.  Please read my story … My mother was suffering with dementia and was living in a nursing home in Timonium, Maryland and my brother was trying to steal her money.  My husband and I live in New Jersey and were told to call the Baltimore County Bar Association to get an Elder Attorney.  We were blessed to be referred to Mr. Roa.  My brother had prevailed upon nursing home staff to witness changes to my mother’s power of attorney and health care directive when she was clearly not capable of making those changes.  My Roa patiently sat with us, developed a strategy to address these questions and set up a meeting with my brother and his attorney.  We ended up in court twice on this matter.  Mr Roa was both kin and professional in representing us and we prevailed.  I was awarded custody of Mom and we took her back to New Jersey, where she lived in facilities until she died in 2012.  Mr. Roa gave me emotional support, never looked to overbill and never lost sight of the fact that he was representing us and that Mom could not represent herself.  He cared about my Mom.  If you need an elder attorney who is compassionate, reasonable and competent, choose Mr. Roa.”   Patricia Gorham

“My wife and I needed an attorney in the Baltimore area as her Mother was living in a facility that we agreed to because we trusted my brother-in-law.  He coerced her to sign amended documents with the willing participation of facility staff. All those people knew she was suffering dementia and was not competent to sign those documents.  His intent was to abscond with her money so he could buy a big house.  I contacted the Baltimore County Bar Association and they recommended Mr. Roa.  I have engaged attorneys previously in my professional life and I could tell, upon meeting Mr. Roa that he was going to meet our needs.  His representation skills as well as his demeanor more than met my expectations.  He developed a sensible and effective legal strategy and we won.  In all candor, my mother-in-law was deteriorating and her worsening condition was not going to change.  But Mr. Roa never lost sight of the pain we felt at the impending loss of our loved one.  He never failed to first ask me, when he called on the phone, how Mom was doing.  In his line of legal representation, understanding and compassion must be at the forefront.  He possessed and exhibited both qualities.  I am proud to have met him and to give him my heartfelt recommendation.”  John Kelly

“Their experience in elder law made all the difference.” D.A.

“As foreigners not being born and raised in this country, we have been educated through this process.  Atty. Roa was able to lessen the pressure on our family during the process of solving our case.” J.H.

“My husband engaged Adam’s services for a family matter a few years ago.  Adam and his associates were very thorough and caring.  Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adam on a professional basis and have always found him and his team to be accessible, helpful and very professional.”  Dawn Converse

“New girlfriend took dad’s money for her use and left him to rot. Adam Roa helped us fight against a bogus new power of attorney, fought her attorney in court, and we won control over making dad’s health care decisions from that woman…. Everything was explained completely and to my understanding…  Adam Roa insured that the right result occurred… I would recommend his services in a heartbeat.” R.B.

“Adam is competent, professional, and friendly.  He did a great job rewriting our wills.  I trust him to take care of our legal needs.  Elder law can be very complex.  Having someone upon whom you can trust and depend is a HUGE comfort.  That you Adam for your knowledge and experience!”  Anne Eikenburg

“Without hesitation, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Adam J. Roa.  When my family was faced with difficult and emotional decisions regarding our Father, Adam and his office guided us in a competent and caring way.  All questions were answered thoroughly and with compassion to our Father’s situation.  We were also referred by Adam to others in the Elder care field that proved to be of great benefit to have on our “team.”  Karen Stevenson

“Our accounting firm has been referring our clients to Adam Roa’s firm for many years.  Adam and his staff have a very high level of integrity and put their clients first.  Additionally we have used this firm personally, and have also referred family & friends.  Thanks Adam for making us look good in the eyes of our clients!  Donna Stokes

“My husband and I would not have known what to do to help and protect his grandmother if it hadn’t been for Mr. Roa.  He has advised us as to how to protect her assets and ours when dealing with nursing home and Medicare/Medicaid.  Mr. Roa was extremely thorough when developing estate planning documents for grandmother and for us as well.  He is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professional.  We wouldn’t go to anyone else to help us with legal matters.  We are thankful that we found someone as honorable as Adam Roa.”  Ourania Eckhardt

“I highly recommend the services of Adam Roa.  He is an expert in the field of elder law and has assisted many of my clients through challenging financial and legal decisions on behalf of their older relative.  He has also provided invaluable guidance and services for my family’s personal legal planning.”  Jessica Rowe

“I don’t know what I would have done with Adam and his firm when my wife had a stroke in May 2014 and became confined to a nursing facility.  At over $12000 per month, it would not have been long before our money was gone.  Adam knew exactly what to do.  He and his assistant planned a legal strategy which protects a communal spouse from ruin.  So far, this has saved over $300,000.00 which is including his legal costs for the work.  I could never have done this on my own.”  Thomas Huot

“Adam Roa and his staff offer very skilled and experienced representation in the specialty field of elderlaw.  Mr. Roa offers expert recommendations and guidance regarding long term care, Medicaid planning, and asset protection; powers of attorney, wills, advance directives, and end of life decisions; trusts/special needs trusts; estate planning and probate; guardianship; and elder abuse.  Mr. Roa and his team are skilled in the complex issues related to dementia care, and the special needs that families have in providing for their loved ones’ care for the long term.  I highly recommend his services.”  Mary Faith Ferretto, LCSW-C, C-ASWCM

“My company has been referring clients to The Law Offices of Adam J Roa for over 10 years.  He has helped many of them keep their hard earned savings instead of handing it over to expensive nursing homes.  If you or anyone you know is concerned about protecting their family wealth, Adam is your guy.”  Andrew Horowitz

“Time to celebrate! Thank Adam for all you do.”  M.W. (after a successful will challenge)