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Maryland Elder Law

Elder law is a specialized field of law that deals with the issues faced by the elderly, combining nursing home issues, adult guardianship, trusts, probate, and estate planning.read more


Nursing Home Negligence

Nothing is worse that discovering that your loved one did not receive the care they deserved in a nursing home. Our firm focuses on needless falls, bed sores, and physical abuse.
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Asset Protection

Received your first nursing home bill and don’t know what to do? Give us a call to help you protect your assets from nursing home expenses.

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Adult Guardianship

We focus on adult guardianship cases and in particular, dementia and Alzheimer disease issues. We help defend against the abuse of financial and health care powers of attorney and protect parents from financial exploitation.read more



We focus on the issue of trustee responsibilities, removing and replacing a trustee, protecting a beneficiary’s rights, proper trust management, creating special needs trusts for older adults, and the voluntary and court ordered creation and termination of trusts.

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Our firm handles both contested probate and uncontested probate matters. Our particular focus on will contest issues centers on issues of the validity of will signed by a person suffering from dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease.

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Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning deals with the right to handle assets (power of attorney), make health decisions (health care agent designation) and make end-of-life decisions (living will). Our firm handles litigation over estate planning documents. Our our goal is to make your estate planning documents free from successful challenge. read more

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